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2018 / 2019 winter indoor hydroponics


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So it's my turn to show my indoor hydro ponic system for 2018 / 2019 winter season. We're getting a little more than a salad per week out of this for a family of 5 that likes salad.

The whole system is in a 2'x4' footprint and 2' tall. I originally built this as a shelf for tote bins but repurposed it this year by adding the lights to the underside of the shelf above and wrapping the whole thing with foil backed rigid foam insulation. I used the foiled foam for the light reflective quality not for heat insulation.

Notice I have a large salad bowl of lettuce already cut in these photos.

For lights I have 4 LED bulbs and one CFL. These are all in cheap screw bases and run off a simple timer. I'm running about 50 W of power use and calculated it costs me about 49 cents a week to run but I'll check my numbers later.

I am using the "kratky" method of hydroponics where the plants are suspended in / over a non-pumping pool of nutrients. The water quality is critical in this method and I have only been using the water from the dehumidifier or rain water.

I have two types of lettuce growing a bok choy and some arugala.
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