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Green giant arborvitaes


Be Ready

For our 28th year wedding anniversary the wife and I planted 7 Green giant arborvitae‘s along our fence... There right at 6 ft tall when planted. Looking forward to these maturing out and creating a sound barrier with some privacy.703F8CDF-E25F-43BA-BA1A-19B2E482DD04.jpeg


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My trees are only about seven foot. Its raining like crazy here today so the clay soil will be squishy and maybe I can dig them up with the root ball somewhat covered in clay. And dig a new hole three feet away. Remember doing a lot of research about Thuja green giants and that was the number I kept coming up with. My wife keeps insisting they will be fine but you pretty much confirmed my worries. I do not want to wait 15 years to get even a small bit of privacy. Do you have any kind of guesstimate on the time needed for privacy to start between 8 vs 6 spacing. I need something to point out.
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