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grow lights?



not much of the gardener type but would not mind to grow some herbs at the house. most of my windows in my home only get 4/5 hours of sunlight at best between how the house is facing and the trees in my yard. now with winter here too is there an 'efficient' grow light i can use indoors that could support some herbs while not costing me an arm and a leg to grow?

or should i stick with the wal-mart supercenter for my herbs?


a 6500k light in a home depot fixture, like a heat lamp style would work well too. 6500k is a great color tempature for growing plants. But finding a 6500k bulb might be tricky in a store. Another option is a t8 fixture, like a shop light, which are fairly cheap. I doubt homedepot or lowes has 6500k t8's but they should have "cool white" which Ive seen grow plants before.

You might pass your spending ratio on lighting though making it a backwards idea, might be alot cheaper to just buy them at the market.