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Homemade Meat Grinder Project


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My father in law and I did this meat grinder project a few years back.

The project started off with an Enterprise #22 meat grinder that I bought on Ebay for pretty cheap. I recommend this brand if you are in to building up an electric meat grinder. Next, the search was on for a used gearmotor with the right HP and RPM. I found a 1HP gearmotor @180 RPM on Ebay for about $100. Brand new gearmotors of this type are very expensive, so to make this type of project cost effective, you will have to find a used motor.

Next, we built a simple platform to mount everything to, and my father in law did all the aluminum work including the custom feed tray.. The motor and the grinder are joined by 0.75" Lovejoy jaw couplings. The only hiccup we ran into was dealing with the output shaft of the grinder where the crank handle normally attaches. It is tapered. We took the shaft to a machine shop and had it turned down to accept the jaw coupling.

All in all, it was a good project that has served us well and is much easier to deal with than the pulley system sometimes used on these grinders.

grinder1.jpg grinder2.jpg grinder3.jpg grinder4.jpg