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How do you exercise your dogs in the winter?



I have a large breed dog that loves to run and play and normally we get to do a lot of both of those. In the winter with my schedule and it getting dark out time I gets home, the parks are closed so doing either becomes harder to do for my four legged friend.

Right now I try to play fetch a bit and take him for walks in the evening when I can but really walks doesn't do much to wear him out.

What does everyone else do to get exercise in for their dogs?


I have a border terrier. He has about no interest in fetch so walks are the only real way I can get him to burn energy.

Walks (average about 2.25 miles) fall from 5 to 7 a week to two or three for most of the winter. Many people in the neighborhood shovel the sidewalk so it really isn't too bad most of the time just have to wear hat scarf and mittens. I have had more trouble so far this year with rock salt and ice chunks getting stuck in his paws than ever before. The dog has webbed toes which I think makes him more susceptible to chunks getting stuck than it they weren't webbed. At this point I am actually considering getting some dog boots.

I have noticed other dog walkers out wearing headlamps for better visibility. There is also someone around here that has the strap on chains over their boots to prevent sliding - I haven't seen them but their boot tracks stand out.

Winter dog walks was the main factor in my buying 5" boots rather than tennis shoes again this fall. Have to say these Keen brand hiking boots are nice.

Dog will get a walk tonight but we actually got above freezing today and are currently about 30 F. This will be his third walk since Monday.

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I take my dogs out on the lake and let them chase me on the snowmobile. Wears them right out lol. Or I strap them to my 4 wheeler and let them pull me down to the mailbox. I don't have the typical style dogs though, we have 2 timber wolf/malamute hybrids (180 lbs each) and a 4lb chiweenie lap dog. We darn near lost our chiweenie last week she likes to burrow in the snow and she took off took me 2 hours to find her. The other 2 ended up sniffing her out. Not fun in 50" of snow.


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I have a park that's about a mile away that I normally take my dogs, usually daily if the weather permits. Otherwise it's playing with them in the house which tends to wear me out more than them. haha


maybe this would work for me



I was fortunate when i had dogs, i also had sheep, so they got lots of exercise. I know that is not an option for you guys. The reason i am commenting is to Yan's post mentioning the skid chains for boots.. I wore those a lot in Idaho, but one word of caution. The chains do real well on ice or packed snow, but can slip easily on bare concrete, if the chains also cover the heels.