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Does anyone experiment with Hydroponics?


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Just curious whether any gardeners here experiment with hydroponics? I have an aeroponic tower growing kale, chard and lettuce at the moment. And my husband is planning some other hydroponic projects. Has anyone here done anything with hydroponics.

Just for your information, the Mittleider Method of gardening is sometimes called "the poor man's hydroponic system."


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I have not and but was just introduced into it earlier this year when I found out we have a hydroponics shop less then 2 miles away from my house. Very neat concept and am looking to attending one of their sustainable living classes they do on weekends from time to time.

Would love to have people in the know join and share their knowledge of the subject!


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I played with this for two years growing tomatoes. One year I had a blended hydroponics / aeroponics system that worked rather well. The second year I tried a drip / nutrient thin film system but I had a MAJOR flaw in my design and it was a spectacular failure. I used the book How-To Hydroponics by Keith Roberto as guidance. The thing I didn't really like about hydroponics is you lose power and you can lose everything.

I like the looks of an ebb and flow system the best after a few years of thinking about it. But if you want small plants like spinach and lettuce the deep water culture with a plant raft is a good option. I may do a raft and deep water system this winter if I decide to build an LED grow lamp. The big thing that keeps getting me in setting up a system is the cost, especially at the outset.

After playing with hydroponics I moved to using the homebrew hack of earthboxes. These are sub-irrigated planters that I really feel are poor man's hydroponics. In fact I've had my best luck with them when using hydroponic nutrients.

I've not heard of the Mittleider Method until now.

Each year I start dreaming of aquaponics but that is a whole other ballgame.