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Hellow I am trying to grow some flowers under grow lights and I was wondering if someone could help me with this


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Hello, I am trying to grow some flowers under grow lights and I was wondering if someone could help me with this? I am new to growing plants and I would like to see if yall can help me get the information I need to get the plants growing good and hopefully answer the questions I have? I am using my aquarium to grow flowers in, I would like to have it all year growing if possible. I need help doing it! Here is a picture of some flowers I have put in there to start learning with. I will probably add some different flowers once I get it going good some of them I found in the yard outside and some I got from a rose garden.3875

I would like to know things like what how bright the lights need to be?
How much lighting do I need in a day?
How often do I water?
Do I need to use some kind of flower fertilizer?


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You don't have enough dirt for the root zones, you have no drainage & your lights are inadequate.


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Light requirements are different for different plants, so are soil conditions and nutrient requirements. Fresh air is also important and is hard to do in an enclosed container like an aquarium without the aid of fans. That being said if you are dead set on growing things in a terrarium then you should do a little research and pick out plants that all grow in similar environments. Then get what you need and set up your terrarium based on that.

Does your house not have any windows? Are you against having potted plants on your window sills? For learning purposes (since you say you are new to growing plants) you will have way more success with plants in pots being exposed to natural sun light.

Something also to consider, when digging up plants from the outdoors and bringing them inside, is the shock factor that this will most likely have on the plant. The plants you are taking from outside are perfectly acclimated to those conditions. Unless you provide exactly what they had outside they will most likely get stressed out and if they don't (or can't) get used to the new environmental condition in time they will most likely die.


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I wouldn't bash this too much. My plant problem started with a 10 gallon fish tank I turned into a terrarium then it outgrew that fish tank, several times over.

When I started with mine I had a Common asparagus fern, Aluminium plant, pothos, small Dracaena, red-ish small philodendron, and african violet. The African violet died rather quickly though.

@GrowFlowersJL - several things will need to be done to fix this and set yourself up for success. Is that a 20 gallon long aquarium?

Drainage will be a problem - the sealed aquarium presents unique problems but can be worked with. A layer of gravel on the bottom of the tank will help then put the soil on top of that. You'll need to keep an eye on the water level and you don't want standing water in the gravel. Moist but not wet is key, usually.

Plants will need much more soil than you have in there. I'd say minimum 75 mm or 3". That is on the low side but can work.

You could even put in some leaf lettuce or spinach.

Lighting is key to this also. Is that aquarium light adjustable?

Plant selection is key to this working. Roses are a poor choice. Low light requirement tropical plants will make it much easier. If you want to go off in a specialized realm orchids could be cool in something like this.

Another idea is flip the aquarium on its side small side so it is tall with an open side. Use a piece of wood or glass to block off the bottom few inches of the open side.