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How to kill a tree stump


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Hello! I haven't been on for quite awhile, but I have a question. I had my lawn man cut down a 36-year-old, silver leaf maple tree in my yard that had died from some type of black beetle. This killed me because this was my "visiting" tree where there have been many conversations held with family, friends and neighbors. It was also the main shade tree by my front door. The lawn man cut it as flush to the ground as he could. You can't even see the stump unless you are actually up in the driveway. My HOA is hounding me about having the stump ground down and then planting grass where the stump is. I read somewhere that there is something you can pour on the stump (non-toxic) and then pull the stump out in chunks. I can't remember what they said to put on the stump. Does anybody here have a clue as to what this is? Thanks!


If you don't want to have someone grind it out or spend a lot of energy digging and hacking at it I only know of two other methods.
1) potassium nitrate - drill several large holes in it and pour that in. After a few weeks it will have mostly rotted out.

2) burn it out - drill several holes, soak with lighter fluid or similar, light it.

I guess you could also try inoculating it with a fungus like oyster mushrooms or shiitaki mushrooms but this may take longer than you want. Again drill some holes and tap in the dowel plugs.

The big problem with letting it rot away is a hole will keep appearing and need back filling as the wood rots out from under the soil level.