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pure genius



last weekend we received 6" of snow which turned out to be a big deal here shut schools for 3 days.
mid week uncovered everyone but with just that 6" it collapsed all my tunnels. as posted earlier i spread them out to thin... my fault
this morning spend about 2 hours straightening all the flattened ones and cutting 55 more and re-spaced them about 10" apart....looks a lot better....
while out there of course the engineering side of the brain was at work solving this problem of collapsing and straightening after a snow or ice storm...
have seen pictures of pvc greenhouses, ok dont need a huge greenhouse during the summer... but do need protection from bugs and direct sowing seeds that are temperamental to the blazing summer heat..
how to bend the pvc pipe to fit the dimensions of the beds with smooth curves that will hold up to the summer heat and winters cold without breaking....
googled "how to bend pvc pipe", came across this video on youtube..... this is so diy at it's simplest.......
pure genius and such a universal design...

well heck have the boiler down at work, all i have to do make a jug of the curves that's needed.

if you think about it...it's almost the perfect frame design for 4 season gardening. ok in most zones..
spring and summer use row cover cloth..... for bugs
summer use shade cloth..... to start seeds for fall crops
winter use plastic for snow /ice..... to extend growing season

plus if it's made in modules you can design it to fit any garden size...


Sorry short post on a tablet without keyboard

Skip the PVC and look to 1/2 inch EMT conduit.

I've had trouble with PVC getting brittle and failing so I moved entirely to conduit. Plus all the tools you need to work with it in the garden fit in your pocket

For conduit hoops you can make a bending jig from a sheet of ply and a few blocks


can understand pvc piping up your way with those bone chilling temps, thats would definitely make it brittle.
if i do this would use sch 80 pvc, sch 40 is too thin...
called our landscaper for work today and asked about pvc piping his response go with sch 80 thats all he uses when installing sprinkler systems
most people or installers use sch 40 because it's cheaper plus they dont put down a good layer of crushed rock. and down the road it will break due to drought and then rain, the soil will sink and expand snapping the water line...

thanks for your input gives more ideas to think about.....


Thanks for the 4-season green house idea.