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The Rules For The Political Forums


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The 3 political forums operate under the premise that you're an adult & capable of handling yourself on the internet. Thus, these 3 forums (and on these 3 ONLY) have only one basic rule:

Don't be a ‘Richard Head’.

What does that mean? It means that if you demonstrate that you pose a risk to the forum, other users or yourself, you will disappear from this site. If you repeatedly act like a whiny bitch or a royal pain in the ass, you're very likely to disappear.

Bannable offenses:

1.) Direct or implied threats of violence or of any action meant to disrupt a member's normal life, including posting a member's personally identifiable information, will not be tolerated. Direct threats will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency & will result in being banned from the site in it's entirety. This is a one-strike offense.

2.) It is illegal to threaten elected/appointed public officials and/or their families with violence. Please don't do it. If you do, your post will be deleted & saved in our database. We will then forward those threats to the appropriate law enforcement agency. This is a one-strike offense.

3.) Don't post hardcore pornography/links to hardcore pornography. This is a one-strike offense.

4.) Racism or racist remarks. Remember 'ferals' come in all colors & thus is 'all inclusive'. This is a one-strike offense.

Acts that may cause you difficulties here:

1.) Copyright infringement is illegal & can put the forum at risk. When posting someone else's material, please limit the content to a couple of paragraphs & provide a source/link to the original material. Posters who engage in repeated instances of copyright infringement will be enrolled in the moron club (aka 'The Camp').

2.) We are easing up on the language controls a little bit in the political forums & these forum only. If it gets real nasty, the post will be deleted or edited. Just use some fark'in common sense.

3.) Being a whiny bitch, a total ‘Richard’ or a PITA will cause me to eventually lose my patience & curb-stomp you by removing your site access. I'm pretty tolerant, however I have my limits, so don’t chit in my living room.

Other than that, feel free to speak your mind & most importantly, have fun!!!