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Saw this yesterday:

A young man in Carson City, Nevada paid a reverent and heartfelt tribute to the 13 U.S. service members who lost their lives in Afghanistan last week.

Devin Lineham, a 14-year-old patriot who helps support the U.S. Air Force as a cadet senior airman with the Nevada Civil Air Patrol, dressed in full uniform outside his family home and played Taps while standing beside the stars and stripes at half-staff at 9 p.m MT on Saturday evening.

“He was pretty upset about the whole situation and didn’t know what to do and [his mother] kind of guided him,” his father Sean Linehan, who was a Marine for 10 and a half years, told Fox News calling the performance “spur of the moment.”

Sean Linehan expressed his own “flood of emotions,” over the situation in Afghanistan and explained that he felt “anger that it even happened in the first place” and “sadness.” He learned about casualty reporting while in the Marine Corps and knows “the process” by which these families were told, making the list of casualties hit even closer to home for him as they are far more than just names on a page.

“You get close to those people,” Linehan explained, “even if you’re not active duty, you still feel like they’re your brother, and you’d do anything for them.”

Patriotism doesn’t fall far from the tree as Linehan’s family has seen a long line of military servicemen. His grandfather and his grandfather’s brother served during World War II in the Pacific and European theater, respectively. His uncle was a Vietnam vet and his cousin was in the Navy.