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Wanting to attach ribbon to aluminum garage door


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Ok guys I've been meaning to ask this for a while and anytime I get on the computer it always tends to slip my mind. The first year the wife and I moved into our home she took very large ribbon and used masking tape to attach it to the garage door for Christmas. This gave the look as if the garage door was wrapped as a very large Christmas present with a large hand made tag that said "Merry Christmas".

This kind of worked, until it got really cold and the tape lost it's stickiness and second made a heck of a mess on the aluminum garage door from the tape residue, making clean up fun.

My question is this... without using masking tape what would you guys suggest using for attaching ribbon to a aluminum door? The longest piece is the horizontal as it goes from one end to the other. The vertical strip is actually individual pieces so that we can still open and close the door without issue.



They have wall hooks with a rubber like backing. When you want to remove the hooks, you pull down on the rubber and as it stretches, it releases its grip. I never used them outside, but they worked fine and did not leave a blemish on Varnished teak.
If the hooks do not work for you , cut them off and just use the bases.

I do not recall the name but you can probably find them online or at a Big Box Store.